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Our Story


We are Dwight and DeAnna Hurt, Founders of iam HOPE. Thank you for being a part of our family and community. Even if you're not an adult survivor of child sexual abuse or you don't have lupus, chances are -- you know someone who does. Please share this website with them. We promise you it will bless their lives.

Dwight and I married in 1987. Never would we have dreamed that our journey would lead us here. I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse, but I wasn't prepared for marriage because of so much unresolved trauma. With the help of God, support from family, and counseling, we've successfully navigated through 30 years of marriage, raised 3 children and pastored an amazing church. 

In 2008, I was diagnosed with lupus. I didn't know anyone with lupus, had never heard of it, but yet this awful disease had attacked my body, and I was scared. In 2019, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Dwight has learned how to support me; I've learned how to be ok with not being "superwoman" all the time, and we are truly better together.


We desire to bring HOPE to those in similar situations, so we invite you to join us in Helping Others to Push and Endure.

We believe everyone can live a victorious life

in spite of illness and past abuse!

Our Mission

Our Mission

iam HOPE (Helping Others to Push and Endure) strives to bring hope to survivors of child sexual abuse and those living with Lupus. iam HOPE also recognizes and supports those caregivers and organizations who are committed to these causes. iam HOPE exists to strengthen families affected by sexual abuse and Lupus through community and global partnerships, economic resources, education and training, advocacy and other supportive services.

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Our Vision


  • Lupus survivors and their caregivers living the best quality of life possible as a result of receiving financial, educational, emotional, physical and spiritual support.

  • A community of volunteers and professionals who’ve committed to serving those living with Lupus and Adult survivors of child abuse being strengthened and encouraged by intentional acts of kindness throughout the year.

  • A world in which child sexual abuse is neither tolerated or accepted and parents, and the community are educated in best practices to ensure children’s safety, and our judicial system is vigilant in tough sentences for those who prey on or hurt children.

  • Thriving marriages in which individuals who are survivors of child sexual abuse and their spouses are provided tools of emotional, mental, and physical healing. 

  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse living with positive self-esteem, engaging in positive relationships, and utilizing spiritual, mental and physical health resources.

  • Churches that do not ignore the plight of child sexual abuse and its implications, but are educated and proactive in implementing best practices, programs and policies that support families and individuals impacted by child sexual abuse.

We Need Your Support Today!

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